Woke Folks Festival | January 15-19th

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AARK Movement
















Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

An ethical and sustainable eco-tourism project where elephants are treated with love and respect



Seeds of Interest

"Ted Talks" in Thailand





Gallery Tour  at
MAIIAM museum

A guided tour of
contemporary Thai art

New Artists Exhibition

Art meets fashion, by Chiang Mai's emerging Thai and expat designers and artists









Eagle Track Zipline

Do you want to fly?










Thai Bands at North Gate

Extraordinary talent. Jazz and so much more.



Get Silly Party!

Sober morning rave!


Trauma Release Exercises

Safely assisting the body to release deep muscular patterns of stress and trauma





Self-Healing With Neo-Shamanism

Break down the walls of consciousness
to promote self healing


Grand Canyon Water Park

Escape the Thai heat in this exciting
water park









Snitches Get Stitches:
A Secret Comedy Show For
Basic Bitches


Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 7.40.44 PM.png



Yoni Egg Yoga

A practical workshop & exercise class for women of all ages

Non-Violent Communication

Salon Talks on the
Future of Sexuality


Conscious Speed Connecting

Learn the intimate
communication skills we all need
to achieve our relationship desires

Art In Paradise

Be a part of the art,
and then eat it.



The Exonerated: Gate Theater
Opening and Panel Discussion

A play exploring the true stories of six people who have been wrongfully convicted

Jai Thep Festival Pre-Party

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 7.40.44 PM.png







Volunteer at Wildflower Home

Provide safety, shelter, education, and heatlh care to marginalized pregnant women, single mothers and children escaping crisis. 





Volunteer at Urban Light

To empower at risk young males in Thailand to live a life outside the grasp of exploitation and trafficking.














Healing House Features &
Secret After Party

Close out Woke Folks Festival with the brightest talents in Chaing Mai under one roof, surrounded by art, poetry, fashion, music, and magic.