Entertainment & Creation

Chiang Mai is full of creation. Join us for music and magic and all of the art.


Live Cultural Exchange

This unique exhibition features 5 designers and 5 artists exploring the beautiful boundaries between art and fashion. Models will wear mixed samples from all designers. Each artist will exhibit one art piece which features and highlights the style of one designer.

Come to be captivated by the gray areas inherent in global design, collaborative creativity, and international intention. Witness art as accessory, and integrating the imaginative with the practical, everyday lifestyle with ethical creation.



Healing House Takeover + The Dopest Party Chiang Mai Has Ever Seen

The night begins with a live showcase brought to you by Healing House. Traditional open mic format, but the performers have been preselected to bring you the best that Chiang Mai's got to offer.

After the showcase the space will transition into the livest party ever for all of our amazing contributors and guests. The party will span 3 floors and a rooftop, with 4+ DJs bumping the tunes in the heart of the old city.

Did we mention that The Vegan Traphouse will be selling their incredible vegan soul food all night?

Want to come for free? Click here to learn how to volunteer at Wildflower Home during the day for free admission.

Get Silly Party!

Join the Cereal Ravers for a sober morning rave! Throw on the silliest outfit you can pull together, and add some comfortable shoes – or go barefoot – and come groove with us all morning. Smile, dance, get loose and get silly! 







Snitches Get Stitches

Snitches Get Stitches is a tantalizing comedy show that has featured the best comedy in Chiang Mai since it sprung up last year. The audience is provided with only the date and time, but the location is kept secret until the day of the event.

This is punk comedy at its finest, but this particular show will be hosted at a location with comfortable seating and a delicious menu, so that the audience can relax and enjoy some of Chiang Mai's best cuisine during the event.

Just PLEASE, try not to choke while you're laughing at all the funny jokes.

Actually, now that we're thinking about it, that's kind of a liability. We'll have waivers.


The Exonerated:
Gate Theater Opening & Panel Discussion

The Exonerated explores the true stories of six people who have been wrongfully convicted of murder and other offenses, placed on death row and later exonerated and freed after serving varying years in prison, but the scars, both physical and psychological, remain.

The Exonerated was written by Erik Jensen and Jessica Blank and played in The Gate’s last season to sold- out audiences.