Entertainment & Creation

Chiang Mai is full of creation. Join us for music and magic and all of the art.




Monday, January 21 - 9-11pm
The Cutler

QuestQuest is an interactive & theatrical role-playing performance. Accurately described as a performance version of "Dungeons & Dragons," we bring a collaborative imagination game to the stage, building the story with YOU, the audience!

QuestQuest is part improv show, part strategy game, and part interactive experience. Our story is dictated by the roll of a dice, the maniacal mind of our "Dungeon Master" (narrator), and the collaborative powers of an engaged and enticed audience!


opening dance party

Monday, January 21 - 11pm-2am
3 Little Pigs

Get the week started off right with a low-key dance party.

Featuring music by:

  • DJ Kamau Abayomi


  • Fly by Pants

gabrielle tesfaye.jpg

Popup Visual Arts Exhibition

Tuesday, January 22 - 6:30-11:30 pm
Clay Studio Coffee in the Garden

This unique popup art exhibition and film festival will feature award-winning international filmmakers and visual artists in collaboration to create a unique and captivating visual arts experience.

Prepare to be completely bewitched by arts in ways you’ve never before seen, as the visual becomes visceral and the imagination becomes immersive.

There will be an open figure drawing class from 7-8:30pm.
Film screening will be at 9pm sharp.

(Pictures shown here are from the 2018 exhibition, featuring art by Elu Aiyana (top), Cosmic Puppets by Gabrielle Tesfaye, and fashion by Mali Pah)


Get Silly!

Wednesday, January 23 - 8am-12pm
Deejai Garden

Join Woke Folks for a sober morning rave! Throw on the silliest outfit you can pull together, and add some comfortable shoes – or go barefoot – and come groove with us all morning. Smile, dance, get loose and get sillyj



Hekaijo Ecstatic Dance

Wednesday, January 23 - 8am-12pm
Deejai Garden

Hekaijo - a combination of the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) word “heka” meaning “magic” and the Yoruba word “Ijo” meaning “church” - is an ecstatic dance journey specially curated to provide an experience and opportunity for you to harmonize the body, mind & spirit through the inner wisdom activated in soulful African based music, dance, inspirational words, activated poetry & meditations.


Paul Teaching 3.JPG

improv workshop

Tim & Paul
Wednesday, January 23 - 6-7:30pm
My Secret Cafe In Town (Upstairs)

No experience necessary! This is a foundations workshop on the concepts of improvisation, with a focus on agreement and confidence-building. In this class, you will be challenged to start obeying your impulse, and to work collaboratively with others. A great way to challenge yourself and break out of your comfort zone!

Tim Mikula and Paul Blinov are an improv and sketch comedy duo from Edmonton, Canada. Paul is an improviser, teacher, editor, and writer who has spent the last decade teaching and performing all over North America. Tim is an improviser, performer, and artist. who has taught and improvised in cities across North America, performed in theatres, art galleries, bars, the woods, and a giant robot head next to a gazebo.

words will win.jpg

Words Will Win

Wednesday, January 23 - 8pm - 11:45 pm
My Secret Cafe In Town

Words Will Win is a monthly open mic held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was created with the intent to get poets and storytellers on stage, but has blossomed into a space that encompasses music, art, spoken word, and much more. Words Will Win offers both an open mic for attendees, as well as featured sets by Musicians and poets from the local community. It’s a space to share your story with an engaged audience, while getting to connect with and learn from other creatives in Chiang Mai. All acts, languages, and genres are welcomed and encouraged.

Hosted by Mulv Jones
Music by Debra Jaye, Austin Hughes, and Izzy Yoma
Poetry by Tyler Rose
Open Mic by YOU

Drop-In Basketball

Thursday, January 24 - 5:30-6pm
Municipal Stadium

If sports are more your speed than heart-chakra opening, skip out on the Cacao Ceremony and join us for an evening game of basketball.



Snitches Get Stitches - A Woke Comedy Show For Basic Bitches

Thursday, January 24 - 9pm-12am
3 Little Pigs

Back by popular demand, Snitches Get Stitches brings sketches, stand-up, improv and much more to the Land of Smiles. Come bust your guts on jokes and grub with our local and international comics and silly-by-nature performers.

This is your night to escape the grind and laugh with some of the city’s funniest (looking) people!

Healing House Showcase

Friday, January 25 - 6:30 pm
November Bar

Healing House is Chiang Mai’s longest running open mic. A pillar of the creative community, Healing House is a safe space for people to share their dreams, fears, loves, hurts, and joy in any art form.

This Healing House showcase will be a star-studded showcase of some of the greatest international performers in Chiang Mai. Friday will feature all your favorites, plus some incredible surprises.

This Healing House will take place in another world completely. Arrive on time to participate in the transformative experience, or be left outside the castle gates for eternity!

healing house.jpg

labyrinth 2.jpeg

dopest party in the kingdom + Labyrinth circus ceremony

Friday, January 25 - 6:30 pm - 13 O’Clock!
November Bar

Celebrate the healing, health, and enlightenment we’ve achieved throughout the week alongside the educators, healers, and leaders you’ve been learning from. But this is no ordinary party - get ready to transition from the star-struck awe of the Healing House Showcase to jaw-dropped wonder at an entertainment experience full of surprises.

Labyrinth Circus Ceremony is an immersive theatrical event: a magical maze populated by fantasy characters. Set your intentions when you enter the labyrinth, then choose a path through the meditation maze, collect clues, and take part in ceremonial ritual… all while surrounded by live art performances and dancing to tribal rock and DJs. Solve the mystery of the labyrinth before 13 o'clock or be taken by the goblin king!

Witness the real magic of a collaboration of artists, dancers, musicians, and storytellers with creative freedom. Consolidate your week of conscious experiences into a long lasting transformative experience!

Featuring music by:

  • DJ Jeremy

  • Kitiwat

  • DJ Kamau Abayomi