Get woke. Learn to connect and communicate consciously with talks and workshops about working, playing, living, and loving better.


Pathways to Conscious Connecting

Justin has been building community and holding intention space across the globe for close to a decade. Remember dating? That never wracking, butterfly making, exciting experience? What about all those rules that keep changing so often we don't know what to do? How do we relax, be authentic and respect our boundaries?

Nature has already equipped us with instinctual skills and sensory awareness for making mating easier. Now it's time to learn how to use these skills for our own happiness.

You will learn how to give and get consent, understand and maintain healthy boundaries for yourself. You will recognize subconscious flirting signals and practice intentional communications. This course is a safe space for learning the intimate communication skills we all need to achieve our relationship desires.

We end the class followed by optional "conscious speed dating" rounds. This is real practice for your new skills! It's fun, fast, and a great way to consciously communicate.

Sensual Massage Practice & Play

With Phyllis Serene Rawley

“My goal is to help you access higher levels of consciousness. By providing relevant,
personalized training in Human Consciousness Development.”
She is a modern Oracle researching and interpreting the environmental, geopolitical, consciousness
shifts and our strategies for thriving today in this age of expanding spiritual, intellectual, emotional,
sexual and technological consciousness.
Phyllis has an MFA in nonfiction creative writing, a BA in political science and an AS in Fashion
Merchandising. She started her career with 12 years as a Christian missionary, 27 years in
Environmental, Housing, Executive Recruiting, Entrepreneurship Education, Investment and
Philanthropy Nonprofit Management, 22 years as a Dominatrix (Retired) and 26 years as a Quaker.
Teaching about our sovereign right to the healthiest and happiest life. This includes a thriving sexuality
as the greatest power we have to achieve our dreams. Phyllis is a Transpersonal Dynamics specialist,
marriage celebrant offering Conscious Coupling, Coming of Age coaching, and Know Thyself
personalized research on the top 8 astrological/psychometric systems and talks on Sexual Intelligence.
She counsels in the sexuality spectrum from impotence, fetish exploration, polyamory, and to the future
of transhuman relationships.


Sensorium Lab/AARK Movement

Join Ra and Kenda as they use the arts of yoga, qigong, and psycho-pranic strength training for power and relaxation. Bring your yoga mats and get ready to move your body, connect with your mind, and nourish your whole being.



Self-Healing With Neo-Shamanism

This talk will focus on healing the self by breaking down the walls between consciousness and programming. We are seeking ways of understanding the effects of our thoughts on the body, and how to break down the walls containing our consciousness to promote self healing and all around wellness.

Self-healing with neo-shamanism will be led by Harry Bates.


















Cultural Qi -  How to use Chinese Medicine to make The Matrix your Bitch

Energy, or “Qi” in Chinese, flows through everything. Not just our bodies but also through our feelings, ideas, interactions, behavior patterns, cultural conventions and social conditionings

By viewing our health in its social context, we can use Chinese Medicine to understand and navigate the strong currents of our cultural conditioning, learning how to become more aware and move through them more easily.   

About the Speaker

Benjamin Elan, Dip Ac., MA is a Classical Chinese Doctor, Qi Gong teacher and Narrative Counselor. His practice combines Esoteric Chinese Medicine with holistic emotional therapy. Currently based out of Tao Garden in Chiang Mai, he has spent over a decade working with clients on physical, emotional, spiritual and social health issues. He also works with those seeking transformation and conscious evolution.  

Critical Thinking                with Woke Folks

The conversation fosters critical thinking amongst the speakers and the audience. We'll touch on Moral Fictions, Questioning Collective Consciousness, and Environmental Relations.

Featured speakers:

Tom Knoll
Tom led a research initiative at Chiang Mai University on the social, environmental and economic impact of Digital Nomads on the Greater Chiang Mai region and co-facilitated the development of a social enterprise incubator/accelerator, the Hatchery. Currently, he is part of the sales and marketing team for a Chiang Mai-based startup, Ankorus, which is one of the first companies in the world that trades securities and Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Jack Killen is from the United States. He has specialized in the studies of anthropology and psychology. He currently works in Chiang Mai as a teacher.


Health Tech Tools and Demonstration

Location: 3 Little Pigs

Ludivine Ambre will present Biospect - diagnostic sound therapy, and Dr. John Rogerson will present hair testing, energy status enkidu lights, and pain management tools

Mastermind Brain Spa with Trish Summers - Combining holistic therapies with the latest technology to facilitate inner exploration, energy alignment, well-being, and healing. Mastermind Brain Spa will offer huge discounts on scans, supplements and entrainments throughout the week of Woke Folks Festival.