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Vegan Traphouse

Vegan Traphouse is a burgeoning international social enterprise run by Eboni Washington, a former teacher from Bronx, NY and Michele Simmons, a former counselor from Washington, DC.   Michele has been vegetarian for over a decade and both she and Eboni, have been vegan for two years.  In the African-American community, the way that we prepare food is just as important as the food itself.  It’s an outlet for our struggle and a way for us to love each other when words prove inadequate.  Soul food has a convoluted history but we’ve made it our own.  Our goal is for Vegan Traphouse to be a catalyst for positive transformation through food, community activism, and culture.  Our pop up catering business specializes in vegan, soy and gluten free authentic soul food as well as chemical free, plant based skin and hair care products. 

The non-profit section of Vegan Traphouse includes direct work with charities through event organizing, fund raising and volunteering including past work with Thai Freedom House, an organization that provides supplemental education to Burmese refugees, and currently Urban Light & Daughters Rising; two organizations that focuses on stopping human trafficking of boys and girls across Asia; and Wildflower Home, an organization working to empower single mothers and pregnant women who have survived various physical and mental abuses.

Morning Yoga

&and Meditation

Start your day off right with guided meditation and yoga every morning. Woke Folks Festival offers a different style every day, so you can expand your mind and your styles at the same time.



Trauma Release Exercises

with Mohammed Salah

Mohammed Salah is a genuine, caring and competent TRE Provider who has helped so many people learn, integrate and get life-giving benefits from TRE. He was born in Sudan and worked in Saudi Arabia in some of the biggest global consultancies & marketing firms for 10 years. He moved to Thailand in 2015 to work at a rehabilitation center as a Recovery Coach where he used his natural gifts of providing a relaxed and safe environment to help clients feel comfortable in releasing and to be empowered to the best version of themselves. Mohammed now works as a TRE Freelancer providing both private and group sessions in Thailand. He is an integral part of the flourishing TRE community in Thailand contributing to his marketing skills and ever-growing knowledge of TRE.

Yoni Egg Yoga

With Phyllis Serene

A practical workshop and exercise class for muscle strengthening, uterine wall support, bladder function control and powerful orgasms! Learn the unique techniques to improve your physical, mental and emotional states any time, anywhere.

Haven't heard of yoni eggs? Check out this funny Conan interview to get the scoop.

Yoni egg yoga is for women in all stages of life. This class is designed to help with or address any of the following issues:

* Women who have pain during sex
* Prolapsed uterus, common after childbirth
* No sexual stimulation from penetration
* Going through or post menopausal
* All stages of pregnancy
* Need to nourish both masculine and feminine energies of the body
* Sexually active or frustrated
* Celibate intentionally or not
* if you struggle with embarrassing leaks
* Improve sexual ability and experience
* If you have a partner with a small penis or an ex with a huge one.

You will learn how to kegel the three different muscle groups using yoni eggs as an exercise tool for full strength and control of your body as it ages. This is a much-needed exercise for everyone.