To be woke is to be conscious and aware: spiritually, emotionally, and politically; individually as well as universally. Popularized by movements like Black Lives Matter, the term “woke” is now associated with black activism, but being woke is about inspiring awareness, education, and compassion--creating a better future for ourselves and our global communities.

Woke Folks Festival is that future – a universally inclusive space for people of all cultures and colors to be unapologetically themselves. We are woke folks because we are a collective of conscious co-creators, seeking unity by celebrating what makes us unique.

We believe that education, creation, and compassionate communication will light the way forward. Woke Folks Festival is a highlight reel of the art and information that bring humanity together in Chiang Mai. Love is the basis.

We are the change we have been waiting for.



This is a multi-group event co-created as a collective gesture of love. We work together as volunteers to make this experience either. All of us travelers represent to our networks as the go-to person anyway, so point them here and save yourself some time. And we'll share what we love, tolerate, hate and learn about ourselves as expats.

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We've picked 4 categories: Live, Work, Play and Love. We envision day learning opportunities at local businesses from CM locals and expats. Evening comedy, food and art events with unique tours and secret party places. And of course Live music, dance, and other conscious play parties.


Connecting through cohabitation and shared experience.

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